箱島神社  ISLAND

公式  Hakoshima Shrine







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海に浮かぶ神社   Shrine on the Sea

九州 福岡県糸島市、箱島神社は海上の竜宮城 Hakoshima Shrine in the sea in Fukuoka, JAPAN
海に浮かぶ神社 Hakoshima Shrine along Beach



Shrine at the Scenic Island

Hakoshima is an island of god in Itoshima, Fukuoka, Kyushu. Hakoshima Shrine is enshrinegod of LOVE.

九州 福岡県糸島市、箱島神社は神の島 Sea shrine in Fukuoka, JAPAN.
橋を渡ると神聖な雰囲気 Sacred Island








Enshrined Deities, Divine Favor

・Sayarimasu-Mihashira-no-Okami: Guardian deity of the village at borders of villages. God prevents invasion by evils.

・Nishinomiya Daimyojin (as known as Ebisu-sama): God of prosperous business.

・Aizen Myouoh: God of love. The god has been believed to people give bringing romance, marriage tie, harmonious couple, and happiness of family. It was believed that if someone worshiped the deity, the person became beautiful.

・Power for cure of ear disease: God of ear. Ear disorder will be cured by blowing into the person's ear.

糸島の景勝地  Beauty Spot in Itoshima, Fukuoka




When you walk up to Hakoshima on the bridge, you will feel sacred atmosphere.

At low tide (afternoon), able to view the most beautiful island from the sandy beach. At high tide (midmorning), the bridge spanning on the water makes the island mystify further.

Climb stone steps on the rock island, and walk further into the inside. You find 2 torii (shrine gates) and go through there, then you get to the shrine.



Recommend rubber-soled shoes that are easy to walk in the rocky island and dirt path. Be careful if you put on high heels.

Not recommend on bad wether day (rainy day or strong windy day). Don't slip off the stone steps. Please go out on a sunny day.

アクセス  Access

【車  CAR】

国道202号線は駐車禁止 No Parking




No Parking at the Parking Prohibition road sign areas on the both road shoulders near Hakoshima Shrine. As police patrols here, you must pay penalty fine (15,000 yen) for illegal parking.







Hamakubo parking place is closed due to coronavirus.

➡︎Methods of access are by TRAIN, RENTAL BICYCLE, or TAXI.

【電車  Train】

 JR一貴山駅で下車し、徒歩25分。 It takes a 25-minute WALK from JR Ikisan Station.


Enjoy taking a walk watching the rural scenery (rice fields) to Hakoshima Island.


【レンタル自転車  Rental Bicycle】

• JR筑前前原駅で下車、北口駅前の糸島市観光協会で自転車をレンタルして、箱島神社と鎮懐石八幡宮までサイクリングできます。➡︎ レンタル場所とサイクリングコース

• Get off a train at JR Chikuzen-Maebaru Station. You can rent a bicycle at the Itoshima Tourism Association in front of the station at the north exit. Cycling to Hakoshima Shrine and Chinkaiseki Shrine. ➡︎ Rental place & Cycling route


【タクシー  Taxi】


• Get off a train at JR Chikuzen-Maebaru Station. Ride on a taxi at a rotary at the north exit.

箱島神社の入口の看板 Entrance of Hakoshima Shrine
入口は『箱島』の看板 Signboard of Entrance


Entrance is signboard of "箱島" on the road. Go down the dirt narrow path.



*DON'T PARK on the road shoulders.

*DON'T ENTER into a private house next to Hakoshima Shrine.

箱島神社:福岡県 糸島市 二丈浜窪 86

Hakoshima Shrine: 86, Nijo Hamakubo, Itoshima City, Fukuoka Prefecture, JAPAN


Hakoshima is a deserted island. There is not telephone and shrine office.

御朱印  Goshuin

九州 福岡県糸島市、箱島神社の御朱印
箱島神社の御朱印 Goshuin





Goshuin is calligraphy and a vermillion stamp on a paper that is given at a shrine.

This goshuin is provided at Chinkaiseki Shrine. It takes 9 minutes by car (4.6km) from Hakoshima.

▶︎ACCESS to Chinkaiseki Shrine

コロナだから、家でバーチャル探検  Virtual Explore




Able to walk in Hakoshima Island, able to look around a 360-degree view of surrounding sea using Google Street View.

You can explore and do a virtual trip at home under the coronavirus environment.

Click each picture to launch the Google Street View.

⬇︎Click クリックして360度の景色を見渡したり、前に進んでみてください。

100年前の箱島  Island A Century Ago


岩場に料亭が立ち並ぶ箱島(鎮懐石八幡宮 所蔵)


A century ago, Hakoshima Island was a famous beauty spot where fancy Japanese-style restaurants stood at the small island.

This is the proof of the fact that Hakoshima was famous and popular picturesque place.

名勝 箱島



江戸時代には、博多聖福寺の住職仙涯和尚も度々訪れ「幾千代か 浦島の子の 玉手箱 隠してここに 沖津しら波」という歌を詠み絵にも残している。








地形が生み出す景勝地  Beauty Spot Created by Geography

3D aerial view above Hakoshima Shrine in Fukuoka
箱島から玄界灘を見た3D空中写真 3D Aerial View

(1) 海に包まれる感覚



(2) 歩いて渡れる島




(3) 巨石による竜宮城の雰囲気


(4) 海に沈む夕日


(5) 薄明光線/天使の梯子

冬(122月)、箱島の西側の海に薄明光線(天使の梯子, 天使の階段)が現れます。太陽・海・箱島の三つが絶妙な位置関係にあるため、神々しい光景を生み出します。曇りの夕方に現れます。


(1) Feeling like Surrounded by the Sea

As Hakoshima Island is located at the tip of the cape where the road turns at a right angle, Hakoshima Island faces the sea on three sides. Topographically, able to feel like surrounded by the sea.

When you zoom out the map at the bottom of the page, you can see just like a big bay of Itoshima Peninsula. So you also may feel like "lake" not the sea by the geography.

(2) Accessible by Foot

There are 4 beautiful places (Hakoshima in Nijo-Hamakubo, Hashima in Nijo-Yoshii, Futamigaura, Nogita) of islands and rocks in Itoshima. Among them, only Hakoshima is accessible by foot. Hakoshima is close to land, so it was possible to build the bridge.

As walk on the bridge, feel increasingly a sacred atmosphere.

(3) Castle-like Island by Huge Stones

The island was made by huge stones, there is a sacred atmosphere. This region has many gigantic stones not only near the sea but also in mountains. People have built shrines in front of the stones, and they have worshipped. Gigantic stones are at the top of mountains such as Nijodake (711m), Hiyama (210m).

(4) Sunset over the Sea

As Hakoshima faces to the northwest, able to see sunset through a year. Place which is able to watch sunset over the sea makes the island fascinating as beauty spot.

(5) God Rays

In winter (from December to February), god rays appear on the west side of the island. Because the perfectly relative position of the sun, sea, and Hakoshima Island make the divine scenery. The divine lights appear in afternoon - evening on cloudy day.


九州 福岡県糸島市、箱島神社は海の神社 Sea shrine along the beach in Itoshima, Fukuoka, JAPAN
海上の竜宮城 Hakoshima Shrine on the Sea


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